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Euphorbia Cerifera.

What is Candelilla Wax?

It is an emollient and known to be an effective, natural thickener, excellent at hardening products and binding ingredients together. An excellent skin conditioner, Candelilla Wax is also often used for controlling viscosity and emulsion stability.

What are the benefits of using Candelilla Wax on your skin?

Moisturising and protecting, Candelilla Wax creates a barrier for your skin, and it won’t clog your pores due it being non-comedogenic.

What are the benefits of using Candelilla Wax on your hair?

Candelilla wax is rich in nutrients and easily absorbed into the scalp and hair while creating an instant barrier to prevent moisture loss in the scalp and hair.

What does Candelilla Wax look like?

Supplied in pellet form, it is usually yellow in colour, but can sometimes be brown.

What does Candelilla Wax smell like?

Candelilla Wax is 100% natural and is almost odour-less.

How to use Candelilla Wax

Our Candelilla Wax is ideal for use in lip care products, body butters and hair products.

Because Candelilla Wax is vegan, it can be used as an alternative to Beeswax in body butters, lip balms and creams. Melt our Candelilla Wax and use up to 30%. It has a high melting range of 68-73c.

History and origins of Candelilla Wax

Candelilla Wax is derived from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub, native to Mexico and the South-Western United States. Its production began around the early 1900s and has been used in the making of candles and waterproof equipment, later becoming an important ingredient in cosmetics.

How is Candelilla Wax made?

The leaves are boiled which then separates the wax from the plant material.

Is Candelilla Wax suitable for vegans?


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