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Ribes Nigrum Oil

What is Blackcurrant Seed Oil?

Rich in essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6, this oil is a powerful antioxidant and can be a wonderful addition to many cosmetic products such as moisturisers, body lotions, face creams, lip balms and hair care products.

What are the benefits of using Blackcurrant Seed Oil on your skin?

It can help soothe dry and irritated skin and has a high GLA (gamma-linoleic acid) content, which can help hydrate the skin and restore damaged and wrinkled skin.

What are the benefits of using Blackcurrant Seed Oil on your hair?

An excellent choice for use in hair moisturising products, especially due to its omega fatty acid content. Often combined with vitamin E to prevent oxidation.

What does Blackcurrant Seed Oil look like?

It has a clear, pale yellow to golden colour.

What does Blackcurrant Seed Oil smell like?

A strong aroma with the sweet scent of fresh Blackcurrants.

How to use Blackcurrant Seed Oil

Use 1-5% in products such as face creams, lotions, lip balms and hair care products.

History and origins of Blackcurrant Seed Oil

Derived from the seeds of the black or European current, it has been popularly used in cosmetics due to its unusually high omega fatty acids content.

How is Blackcurrant Seed Oil made?

Cold pressed and naturally refined, after being extracted from the seeds.

Is Blackcurrant Seed Oil suitable for vegans?


Fatty acids

Gamma-Linoleic acid (GLA) – approx.15-19%; approx. A-Linolenic acid – 13%; approx. Stearidonic acid – 3%.

Natural contents

Omega 3 and 6, GLA and fatty acids.

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Nash

Desperate to relieve my eczema I’ve tried hundreds of recommended cures (at great expense). None have made any difference. Unfortunately this Blackcurrant Seed Oil is no different. For all I know it could be (very expensive) cooking oil. Nice bottle though.

Paul Trennery

I've had no issues with the product I purchased. It arrived on time as well. Couldn't be happier. Definitely recommend this company.

Saif Muhammad
Great product

And excellent service

Good quality oil

Oil is nice, only wish it was offered in a glass bottle instead of plastic.

Amazing product!!

Great oil to use for skin care, fast shipping and great service! Thank you

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