bamboo exfoliating powder


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Fine-grain size exfoliator made from bamboo.

The 'Porsche' of all exfoliants!

Ideal for facial use.

Bamboo Exfoliant is a solidified organic silica extracted from the nodes of specific bamboo stems called ‘Tabasheer’ in the traditional  Indian medicine.

Microdermabrasion is a hot trend in the beauty industry and using this microdermabrasion-grade exfoliant is a safe and gentle way to effectively exfoliate the surface layer of the skin to reveal renewed, refreshed and younger-looking skin.

It is suitable for the face or the body and is gentle enough to use every day.

Product Information

How to Use
Use 1-5% in gels, creams, lotions, shower gels, etc.
Add to exfoliating products, solid and liquid soaps, shower gels, body butters, gels, creams, oils, etc.
Add to products when uder 40°C.
You can also add the grains after you've made your products or to other ready-made products. Stir thoroughly.
Bambusa arundinacea (stem powder)

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Technical Documents

Bamboo Exfoliating Powder MSDS

Customer Reviews

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Love this exfoliant

This is a great exfoliant, I can really feel it working and it leaves my skin so smooth. I have added it to a wash with some of the aloe vera gel, papaya in glycerine, lemon powder and grapefruit essence. I use it every day. I have had professional microdermabrasion in the past and this leaves my skin feeling just as smooth and soft!


A great exfoliator but still gentle and leaves the skin soft and smooth. Love it!

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