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Avena sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract

What is Oat Kernel Extract?

Help protect and renew your skin’s lipid barrier with this unique and powerful oat active. Extracted from oat kernel, this amazing ingredient is a complex of skin-identical lipids that helps prevent the loss of skin elasticity and assists with the signs of ageing. It has a fast absorption rate, delivering key actives to the skin, and resulting in a non-greasy feeling.

Much more powerful than oat oil, this oat kernel extract is a super concentrated form of oat oil. Honey-like in texture, this powerful ingredient is the product your skin has been waiting for.

Cannot be added to oil-only products as it may sink to the bottom. We'd recommend our Oat Lipid Oil instead.

What claims can I make about this product?

Oat Kernel Extract visibly reduces stress-induced skin redness, wrinkles, and boosts hydration for a more youthful complexion. It up-regulates skin’s hyaluronic acid production and replenishes ceramide levels, and contains a powerful mix of ceramides, sterols, phospholipids and other skin-beneficial molecules. It has outstanding skin absorbency resulting in a non-greasy feeling, and contains 40% total polar lipid content.

What are the benefits of using Oat Kernel Extract on your skin?

With its powerful mix of ceramides, sterols, phospholipids and other skin-beneficial molecules, Oat Kernel Extract helps prevent loss of skin firmness and elasticity, reduces wrinkles and stress-induced redness, and boosts hydration. In addition to this, it up-regulates hyaluronic acid production and replenishes ceramide levels, resulting in a youthful and glowing complexion. By rapidly absorbing into the skin, it helps strengthen the dermis and repairs damage, delivering visible results.

What does Oat Kernel Extract look like?

A viscous liquid with a yellow to brown colour.

What does Oat Kernel Extract smell like?

Subtle natural Oat odour.

How to use Oat Kernel Extract

Use up to 1% for skin applications. Heat to 40oC for optimum mobility and formulation. Can be formulated within a wide range of pH levels, and up to 75oC. 

How is Oat Kernel Extract made?

A 100% natural, anhydrous active ingredient, it is extracted from the oat kernel using ethanol.

Oat Kernel Extract Solubility?

Insoluble in water. Soluble in oil and partially soluble in ethanol.

Is Oat Kernel Extract suitable for vegans?


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