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Arrowroot Powder is a is a light, white, odourless powder with a variety of uses in cosmetic products. It has a very fine consistency that gives the skin a smooth, silky feel without being chalky, making it perfect for use in a large variety of cosmetic products.

It absorbs excess oils and sweat and is perfect for use as a natural dry shampoo. It's a safer alternative to talc, and makes for a great ingredient in deodorants, providing a smoother glide.

Arrowroot Powder can also be used as a thickener for cosmetics, and unlike most thickeners, it has the ability to thicken at room temperature and at varying pH levels.

This is a Vegan product.

Product Information
Aroma & Texture
White, odourless fine powder.
Commonly used in dry shampoos, as a deodorant ingredient, Talcum substitute and loose face powders.
Country of Origin
Maranta arundinaceae

NB: While this product is food-grade, it is sold for cosmetic purposes only. Naturally Balmy Limited makes no claims about its nutritional value or suitability for consumption.

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