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A super sparkling water-dispersible gold, the Gold Dust Sparkle has arrived. Our new AquaPearls™ range of mica colours are specially formulated to be water soluble, for easy dispersion in water-based formulations – making them the perfect choice for use in bath bombs, bath salts, shampoos, shower gels, bubble baths, lotions, water-based nail polish, kids’ face paints, artists’ water colours…and much more!

Our AquaPearls™ range is perfect for use in both CP and M&P soap and offers superior performance in any water-based application in comparison to normal micas. For example, we have found they work well in a shower gel / shampoo formulation, they mix in well rather than sink to the bottom like normal micas. However, we have been advised a shower gel needs to be formulated to have good viscosity in order to achieve good suspension of mica, and a viscosity of around 10000cps will keep our AquaPearls™ suspended well in a gel.

These superior quality pearlescent pigments are:

-EU Approved for cosmetics

-Eco Friendly

-Suitable for vegans

Product Information

All our Mica Colours and Glitters are sourced ethically, with no use of animal testing or child labour.

*Want to see these micas in action? See how our Marshmallow AquaPearl™ performs in water here.*

Suggestions of Use:

-Add these colours straight to your bath bombs or bath salts, safe in the knowledge the colour will not stain enamelled baths nor acrylic tubs providing the acrylic coating is of good quality. Some mica may cling to the sides of the tub after the water has been emptied but this residue is easily wiped away with a cloth. 

-They disperse well in pure water formulas; the mica will not cling to the sides but will mix in fully upon agitation. However, they will sink upon standing as the water is not viscose enough to ‘hold’ it constantly - however a little shake will disperse it fully again. 

-Why not try adding our Gold Dust Sparkle to your facial toner or a setting spray, to create instant radiance on the face? Just shake before use!

-Add these colours to shower gels & bubble baths – they mix in beautifully, create a lovely pearlescent effect and will not sink to the bottom like our standard micas. Plus they will disperse better than standard micas in the bath!

-Add to CP or M&P Soap, or any water-based application, for superior performance. 


Mica (C.I.77019), Titanium Dioxide (C.I.77891),  Iron Oxide Red (C.I.77491), Tin Oxide (C.I.77861)
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Malika Best
Very sparkly

Easy to use, gives that extra pop of glitter. Mixes well in CP soaps.

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