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This American Bentonite Clay is a naturally occurring hydrated aluminium silicate; a highly absorbent clay which is composed of minerals including iron, silica and aluminium, it is usually formed from volcanic ash which has been aged by time and can vary in colour from dark grey to greenish-grey.

Bentonite clay is used as a thickener, emulsion stabiliser and suspending agent for opaque products. It hydrates quickly and easily in water and gives structure to the water phase of your creams or liquid products and is particularly well suited to pigmented make-up such as BB creams, Liquid Foundation or tinted moisturisers.

Think of bentonite clay as a sponge. It absorbs dirt and oil, like sebum. Too much sebum can lead to acne. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties may help your skin heal.

Other Names: Monmorillonite Clay


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