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Water, Glycerin, Avena sativa kernel extract, Citric acid, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate.

What is Oat Hydroglycerin Extract?

Oat Hydroglycerin Extract combines the advantageous properties of oats with the moisturizing abilities of glycerin, resulting in a compound that is rich in soothing and hydrating elements. This extract is often used in various cosmetic products to provide gentle and effective care for both the skin and hair.

What are the benefits of using Oat Hydroglycerin Extract on your skin?

Organic Oat Hydroglycerin Extract provides superior moisturizing, restructuring, and emollient properties, rich in Vitamin B3 and B5 making it an ideal ingredient for skincare products designed for inflamed, sensitive, reactive skin and hands. Due to the skin-nourishing and regenerating properties present in its proteins and amino acids, it’s also a good ingredient for mature skin.

Oat is known for its gentle ability to calm, hydrate and help to reduce inflammation such as redness and itching. Its moisturising, calming and regenerative properties make it an ideal ingredient to use in baby products

Due to its ample mineral content, Organic Oat Hydroglycerin promotes remineralization, making it ideal for revitalizing dull and fatigued skin.

What are the benefits of using Oat Hydroglycerin Extract on your hair?

The components of Organic Oat Hydroglycerin Extract offer a smoothing effect for use in hair styling products. It’s an ideal ingredient to add to shampoo for dry hair and sensitive/itching scalp. It also helps to enhance the overall texture of the hair and has the ability to retain moisture, making it appear more lustrous, hydrated and smoother.What does Oat Hydroglycerin Extract look like?

Liquid, colourless to pale yellow.

What does Oat Hydroglycerin Extract smell like?


How to use Oat Hydroglycerin Extract

Use between 1-5% in products such as face creams, face toners, hand creams and haircare products. Preferably to add at maximum temperature of 40°C.

Organic Oat Hydroglycerin Extract contains saponins, which provide a mild cleansing and purifying action suitable for use in bath and shower products, as well as creams.

Oat Hydroglycerin Extract Solubility

Water soluble

How is Oat Hydroglycerin made

This extract is obtained by filtration, after a long maceration and stirring of the plant in a preserved mixture of water and organic glycerin.

Is Oat Hydroglycerin suitable for vegans?


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