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Glycerine, Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract.

What is Cucumber Glycerine Extract?

An emollient and humectant, it is made from cucumber and glycerine and contains nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial when used on sensitive skin and around the eye area.

What are the benefits of using Cucumber Glycerine Extract on your skin?

Traditionally cucumber slices have been used in home-made eye compresses and face masks as cucumber naturally contains Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and Caffeic acid. These nutrients help to soothe skin irritations and reduce swelling.

It soothes, cools and reduces under-eye bags and helps to reduce dark circles around the eyes. This extract is also excellent for adding to cleansers, as cucumber is a natural cleanser, also when added to floral waters for tailored skincare for sensitive skin. It also has moisturisation properties due to the glycerine content.

What are the benefits of using Cucumber Glycerine Extract on your hair?

It can help to tone an oily scalp, being an astringent, and while it’s not often used in hair products, cucumber has soothing properties and could be beneficial when added to shampoos and conditioners.

What does Cucumber Glycerine Extract look like?

A clear, slightly thick liquid.

What does Cucumber Glycerine Extract smell like?

It has a lovely subtle cucumber smell.

How to use Cucumber Glycerine Extract

Ideal for use in facial and eye care products, Cucumber Glycerine will refresh the weariest of skin. It is water-soluble so will separate in oil-based products, but you can mix it into water-based products such as creams, cleansers, shower gels etc.

Use 2-4% in all water-based products during the water stage or when the product is below 40c. Or you can mix in directly to ready-made water-based products such as creams, gels, washes, soaps etc.

History and origins of Cucumber Glycerine Extract

A variety of commercial cucumber creams and lotions have been recognised for their benefits and commercially available since the 1800s, and cucumber continued to be used in some commercial skin creams right through to the early 1900s.

How is Cucumber Glycerine Extract made?

The extraction is made using fresh, whole cucumbers to produce a sparkling, clear extract which has the texture of water. Once added with glycerine and a preservative, it makes a beautifully soothing, slightly thicker product.

Is Cucumber Glycerine Extract suitable for vegans?



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