ve emulsifier (glyceryl stearate)


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A fail-safe, vegetable-based emulsifier for creams & lotions.

This emulsifier is made from sustainably sourced raw materials and is used together with MF Emulsifier and Cetyl Alcohol to make oil-in-water emulsions such as creams and lotions.

NB: This emulsifier must be mixed in with the oil / fat stage of your cream recipe.

VE is qualified to be used as a non-organic raw material in organic creams and lotions. It is a fail-safe, vegetable-based emulsifier for creams and lotions, which amateurs and professionals alike will find extremely easy to use. It produces a professional cosmetic product.

VE Emulsifier needs to be used in combination with MF Emulsifier and Cetyl Alcohol. 

Our emulsifiers are so safe to use because they are edible.

Product Information

 This grade of VE emulsifier is approved for use in COSMOS certified products
Products to Use In
*Creams and Lotions with up to 40% butter/oil content
*Peeling Creams and Lotions
*Cream/Lotion-based Cleansers
*Exfoliating Creams
*Cream Face Masks
Recommended Dosage
Lotions: 1-1.5%
Oily skin creams:  1.5-2%
Normal skin creams: 2-2.5%
Dry skin creams: 2.5-3%
Conversion information: 1g of MF Emulsifier=approx. 2.5ml
Don’t use over 3% Vitamin E in VE/MF Creams as the cream will not be light but will have a heavy appearance and feeling on the skin.
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