emulsifying wax (cetearyl alcohol / ceteareth 20)


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This emulsifying wax is a vegetable based emulsifier used for combining oil and water in recipes for lotions, creams, and other cosmetics. Derived from plant-based alcohols and derivatives.

Minimum 80% Cetearyl Alcohol.

Cetearyl Alcohol is emulsified and stabilized and produced from the reduction of plant oils and natural waxes. It is used for viscosity regulation.

Ceteareth-20 is a glycol ether derived from a blend of natural cetyl and stearyl alcohols (from coconut oil), and Cetearyl Alcohol, emulsified and stabilized and produced from the reduction of plant oils and natural waxes.
Product Information

Pellets / White Flakes


Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth 20

How to Use
 Simply heat up with your oils, then slowly add your heated spring / floral water, mixing all the time. Keep mixing until emulsified. Very easy to use!

Use level
4-5% by weight

Creams, lotions, serums, foundations, hair conditioners

Avocado & Green Tea Face Cream

(Makes 300g)


200ml Spring Water / Floral Water of your choice

12g Green Tea Glycerine Extract

30ml Organic Avocado Oil

20ml Organic Camellia Tea Oil

10ml Organic Thistle Oil

20g Organic Shea Butter

15g Emulsifying Wax

3ml Vitamin E

3ml Preservative 12

1ml Essential oils of your choice


Heat up the oils, butter and wax in a glass bowl in a microwave for roughly 1 / 1.5 mins or until melted. The place the water and green tea extract in a glass jug and heat for roughly 1 minute. Using a hand mixer, gradually pour the water into the oil, mixing all the time, and whisk for a few minutes more until thickened / emulsified. Add the vitamin E, preservative and essential oils of your choice before decanting into bottles / pots of your choice.

Technical Documents

Emulsifying Wax MSDS

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