starter lip gloss cosmetic safety report


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We have created this unique, ready-made assessment for those who want a cheaper assessment using our Organic lip gloss base with selected flavours (see below).

UPDATE: Selected flavours for this assessment now include our new Rose Flavour Oil!

With this report, you can use only our Organic Lip Gloss Base with the following additions:


Organic Coconut Flavour Oil - Up to 2%

Organic Vanilla Flavour Oil - Up to 2%

Organic Strawberry Flavour Oil - Up to 2%

Organic Honey Flavour Oil - Up to 2%

Organic Cherry Flavour Oil - Up to 2%

Organic Berry Flavour Oil - Up to 2%

Peppermint Essential Oil - Up to 1%

Mandarin Essential Oil - Up to 2%

Rose Flavour Oil - Up to 2%


Pearlescent Frosted Rose Pearl Mica Colour - Up to 10%

Pearlescent Jazzberry Mica Colour - Up to 10%

Pearlescent Sangria Mica Colour - Up to 10%

Pearlescent Coral Sparkler Mica Colour- Up to 10% 

Product Information

You can make up to 9 lip glosses using any combination of the colours with any flavour, but you cannot mix the flavours together. 

Please Note: Other additions are not allowed using this assessment. All the above flavours have to be purchased from us. If you want to use different flavours / colours, please purchase one of our comprehensive reports.

*Current Assessment Turnaround Time is 2-3 weeks from cleared payment*

What's Required From You

First of all, we don't need to physically see your products to produce your safety assessment. As this assessment is pre-written, no product details will be required from you - we just need your name and address to put on the certificate. This assessment cannot be changed in any way.

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