seasonal scentsation: diy christmas reed diffuser recipes

Indulge in the warm embrace of the holiday season with our Christmas Reed Diffuser recipes. Enhance the holiday spirit with these simple and delightful DIY diffusers, bringing the essence of Christmas into every corner of your space.

Reed Diffuser Recipes:

Christmas Tree Scent:
Reed Diffuser Base

Pine Essential Oil 20g

Warm Hazelnut Scent:

Reed Diffuser Base 80g

Hazelnut Fragrance Oil 20g

Mandarin and Cinnamon Spice Scent:

Reed Diffuser Base 84.5g

Mandarin Essential Oil 15g

Cinnamon Essential Oil 0.5g


1. Mix the ingredients of your favourite aromatic blend and pour the product into a decorative glass bottle. Insert the reeds into the bottle to soak up the scented mixture, and adjust the number of reeds for your desired scent intensity. Let the Christmas magic unfold as the reeds disperse the joyful fragrance throughout your home.

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