enchanting rose diy room spray and diffuser recipe

Nothing evokes the essence of a lush, blooming garden quite like the delicate fragrance of roses. Creating your own rose room spray and diffuser is an easy and delightful way to infuse any space with a touch of floral elegance. Follow this simple recipe to bring the enchanting aroma of roses into your home.

Rose Room Spray and Diffuser Recipe


Phase 1:
Water  - 61g
Rose Water -  8g
Preservative Eco  - 1g

Phase 2:

Polysorbate 20  - 20g
Pure Rose Fragrance Oil - 10g


1. Mix all Phase 1 ingredients together.
2. Pre-mix Phase 2.
3. Add Phase 1 to Phase 2 and mix.
4. Pour the mix into a spray bottle and shake well to thoroughly blend all the ingredients.

Your homemade rose room spray is now ready to use. Simply spritz a few times around any room, on linens, or in closets to enjoy the soothing and uplifting fragrance of roses.

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