round bath bomb mould (50mm)

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This 50 mm acrylic spherical (round) bath bomb mould is a two-piece set, consisting of two halves that make up the mould.

No clips needed, just push together. 

Create perfect round bath bombs using these moulds - they help compact your mix producing very fizzy bath bombs.

Produces a bath bomb that weighs between 50 - 70g, around the size of a small satsuma.

Reusable with care.

Bath Bomb Recipe

You Will Need:
300g Sodium Bicarbonate
100g Citric Acid
Witch Hazel
10ml Fragrance or Essential Oil of your choice
Powdered or Oil-Based Colour (Optional)
Trigger Spray (Optional)

Measure out the sodium bicarbonate and the citric acid into a mixing bowl and stir with a spoon. Try to get the lumps out with the back of the spoon or sieve if necessary. Thoroughly mix together until you have a consistent texture.

Mix in the colour, if using. (If using a liquid colour, stir quickly to avoid fizzing up). Blend until the colour has thoroughly mixed in and is a consistent shade.

Measure the 10ml of fragrance / essential oil and mix in thoroughly and quickly. Do not leave the mixture to stand or it will start to set.

Start to spray the witch hazel into the mixture, a little at a time, mixing constantly to avoid too much fizzing. Only add enough to make the mixture just about hold together in your hand. It shouldn't be too damp.

Quickly compess the mixture into the moulds.

Fill each half of the mould to just over filled and press together without twisting.

Set aside for 15 minutes.

Ease one half of mould away. The bath bomb should now feel firm to touch.

Remove completely. This will result in a small indentation in the base as it dries - or leave for about 30 mins longer for a completely round shape.

Dry overnight in a cool dry place and wrap.

The end result should be very firm.

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