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PLEASE NOTE: We no longer sell Organic Cocoa Butter Refined. However, if you are looking for an equivalent product with a limited odour then check out our Organic Cocoa Butter (Deoderised) here, and our Non-Organic version here.

Produced in the Dominican Republic from a Fair-trade Cooperative, this Organic Cocoa butter is obtained from the roasted seed of the Cocoa bean.  

It has been cold-pressed using the whole bean thus retaining vital antioxidants. This cold-pressing process uses only the heat from the friction caused when pressing the bean – unlike the excessive heat in traditional cocoa butter which does not protect the antioxidants.
We have an unrefined version , which retains its full chocolate aroma, or a refined version, which tones down the full chocolatey fragrance whilst still retaining a natural creamy colour and slight chocolate aroma. You can choose your preferred version from the drop-down menu above.
Although the refined and unrefined versions come from a Fairtrade co-operative, the cocoa butters are not actually certified Fairtrade. However, they are both Certified Organic.
This Cocoa butter is Food Grade so can be used in cooking.

This cocoa butter is packed with vitamin E and can be used as an emollient, skin softener and protectant.

Cocoa butter gives a decadent flavour and a creamy texture to any lip balm.

It can be melted into body creams to thicken them and to help combat dryness and improve skin flexibility.

Product Information
Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter
Either supplied as pellets (refined is currently pellets) or chunks (unrefined is currently chunks)
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