natural, organic lip balm making kit with base (makes 10 tins)


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Lip Balm Base

Make your own Natural, Organic lip balms easily with this kit, which makes 10 lip balms in luxury aluminium screw cap tins.

This kit contains our easy-to-use Organic Lip Balm Base, plus all the packaging you'll need to make your own lip balms, complete with labels. Choose between our organic lip balm base (made with organic beeswax) or our vegan lip balm base, made with plant-based candelilla wax.
 You can make the lip balms to give away as presents, or buy this kit as a gift for a lip balm addict!

  Organic Lip Balm Base (100g)

  10 x 10ml Aluminium Screw Cap Tins

  1 x 5ml (or 10ml) bottle of Natural /Organic Flavour Oil or Essential Oil of your choice
  1 x A4 Sheet of 30mm Matt or Gloss White Circular Labels (48 to a sheet)
  A sheet of instructions

What You'll Need
All you'll need is a glass jug to melt the mixture in, and either a microwave or a pan of simmering hot water in which to melt the mixture in.

Simply spoon the lip balm base into the glass jug, place in the microwave or in the pain of hot water to melt. Once fully melted, add the flavour, mix well, then pour into the tins and wait for them to set.

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