'make your own' organic lip balm tubes kit (with base) - makes 10


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Lip Balm Base


Enjoy making your own Organic Lip Balms with this luxury lip balm making kit, which contains all you need to make 10 tubes of Natural, Organic Lip Balm. 
This kit comes complete with all you need to make your own luscious lip balms, including tubes, labels and our own luxury Organic Lip Balm Base, which is made of 100% Natural, Organic, nourishing ingredients: Organic Beeswax, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil and Organic Castor Oil, which soothe and moisturise your lips without irritating them. (Or you now have the option of our Vegan lip balm base, which uses plant-based wax instead of beeswax). Our lip balm moisturises your lips and stays on, plus a little goes a long way.


  100% Natural Lip Balm Base (Organic or Vegan)

      10 x Opaque Lip Balm Tubes

      3ml pipettes

        Organic / Natural flavour oil or essential oil of your choice

          Blank White Labels

            A sheet of instructions 

            Important Information 

            PLEASE NOTE: This kit is wholesale and is designed for the products to be made and to be sold on. But you will need your own safety assessment to do this. However we can offer you a special lip balm safety assessment designed to be used with this kit. This will enable you to legally sell these lip balms. Please click here to view the assessment. 

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