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If you want to sell cosmetic ingredients, as retail products; or if you want to make and sell your own cosmetic products, a Cosmetic Safety Assessment Report (CPSR) is a legal requirement. This CPSR has been created specifically for small-scale producers.

These assessments are for both UK residents and European customers to sell in both the UK and Europe.

These assessments are written by a qualified biochemist with experience in analytical and environmental toxicology, microbiology and is an experienced research scientist. 

His qualifications include BSc Biochemistry, MRes Biochemistry and AMRSB (Associate Member of the Royal Society of Biology). 

PLEASE NOTE: You can now buy your ingredients from any supplier and still take advantage of this fantastic offer!

Our reports now come complete with all the allergen info needed for your labelling, and full EU Toxicology, required for selling throughout Europe.

The information included below should answer all your questions about the assessment so please read carefully, however if still unsure you can contact us for help (see below).

You will need to download our submission form to submit your recipes to us - you can do so on our CPSR Forms page here.

Each product will require a separate completed form.

Product Information 


This assessment allows you to have 5 separate recipes assessed. They don't have to share the same base or the same function. You can choose 5 of the following:

Soaps (M&P or CP/HP)

Bath Bombs

Bath Melts, Truffles etc

Body Wash

Bath & Body Oils

Body Lotions

Body Butters

Hair Products

Face Wash

Face Oils / Creams / Balms

Lip Balms

Beard Balms / Oils

Face & Body Scrubs

Face Masks

...and much more! 

For example you can have 1 x shampoo, 1 x conditioner, 1 x face oil, 1 x body butter, 1 x body wash, or any combination of products. 

Your base recipe can contain up to 10 ingredients - and you can have up to 5 extra ingredients in your variant.

You can use one of our cosmetic bases or your own recipe.

The total fee for this bundle is £300 (ex. VAT)*

Possible Additional Fees

The fee for this report is £300 (ex. VAT). However, this is subject to your recipe being approved by our safety assessor. In some cases, there may be an admin fee charged, if your recipes are complicated, there are additional exposure areas etc. Additionally, in a few cases, the assessor may be require you to carry out further tests, i.e. TVC testing or Challenge Testing, but we will advise you of this asap and you have the right to cancel thereafter. For more information, please see our T&C (below). 

What's Required From You

We don't need to physically see your products to produce your safety assessments.

You will need to download our submission CPSR Forms page here. Please complete this for each product, and send the completed form to assessments@naturallybalmy.co.uk - quoting your order number.

Other things that we will either need or which would be useful to have are 

 - directions for use

-  micro testing data

- Cosmetic GMP compliance assurance

- stability data

Additionally, we need you to send the following documents -

  • The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each of your ingredients – most suppliers will provide these when you buy your ingredients. If you do not already have one, you will have to request one from the supplier.

  • An Allergen Declaration for any essential oils / fragrance oils in your composition. This is provided by the manufacturer/supplier of the oil and will enable us to determine you are using essential oils in safe quantities.

  • An IFRA statement for any other fragrance or flavour oils (not essential oils) – this statement will enable us to assess whether the (often, very complex) fragrance and flavour oils used are safe for your product.

  • Colours – we will need the CI numbers for your colours and glitters. There will often be several CI numbers in each colour, mica or glitter so be sure to provide all of them.

Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT: Please read our specially crafted Terms & Conditions for safety assessment purchases (don’t worry it’s not too long!) But should help customers understand the process a bit better, and what your rights are with regard to refunds, recipe advice and after care. By making an assessment purchase you agree with these terms & conditions.
How Long it Takes

After you have purchased the assessment, we aim to complete your assessment within 8 weeks from your recipe being finalised. Meaning, once we have all the correct documents from you and your recipes have been verified by our assessment partners. 


For more information please check out our Frequently Asked Questions 

Customer Reviews

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I am more than satisfied and would prefer to give 10 stars. Very professional, very friendly and fast. An absolutely great service. I will continue to work with you in future. Many thanks for all! Kind regards, Elke

Super helpful and best report I had so far

My assessment was sent to me in the 5weeks they ask you to allow. It’s the most detailed and helpful assessment I had so far (and I’ve used other company before).

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