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You can buy our 100% natural, handmade, Organic lip balms in bulk for wholesale prices. This listing is for 10 tins.

Our wholesale range of ready-made 100% natural & organic lip balms means that you can sell them on effortlessly - all that's needed is your own label.

Labelling: We are currently not able to offer any labels at all for these lip balms; you will receive them unlabelled, ready to put your own labels on.

Our luscious lip balms, which come in 10ml or 15ml aluminium tins, have built up a reputation for being one of the highest quality on the market, only containing the finest, purest ingredients.

The Organic Cocoa butter in our lip balms is wild harvested and unrefined, meaning it is pure, unbleached and more plentiful in vitamins. 

Our natural, creamy lip balms soothe and moisturise your lips without irritating them, making them ideal for sensitive lips.

The unscented or vegan lip balm can be used all over for help with dry skin complaints such as eczema (if using for this purpose, or for extra sensitive skin, choose natural flavour below). The balm also protects your skin against the elements and helps to heal dry, chapped lips. It moisturises your lips and stays on, plus a little goes a long way! 

These wholesale lip balms are ideal for either individuals wishing to make a bit of extra money or other businesses who wish to add a new sideline to their existing product range with minimum effort.
Our lip balms are available in a range of flavours (either Organic flavours or essential oils), just choose them from the drop-down menu below. If you would like a variety of flavours rather than just one, we can produce a maximum of 2 different flavours per order. Any more than that they'll have to be charged separately. Please contact us for further details.

NB: - Please see below for our FAQ on selling these products under your own brand.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is freshly made and packaged to order, and is strictly non-refundable. We strongly recommend purchasing samples/small quantities first to see that they are fit for your intended purpose. 

This product is currently assessed to be sold on the UK market. For EU customers wishing to take advantage of the pre-written safety report, a small additional fee of £30 will be payable for the appropriate add-on documentation. This can be obtained by emailing the team at sales@naturallybalmy.co.uk. 

If you have purchased this product and would like to request a copy of our Safety Assessment for it, please email: sales@naturallybalmy.co.uk

Because these balms are made fresh to order please allow 5 - 10 working days for delivery, depending on the quantity.
Product Information
Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Raw Cocoa Butter, Organic Yellow Beeswax (or Plant-based Candelilla Wax for vegans), Essential oils or Organic Flavours

  Pre-assessed / Private Label Products FAQ

Can I sell these products under my own brand? Yes, all of our Pre-Assessed / Private Label Products can be sold under your brand name without the need for further assessment.

What else do I have to do to sell these products legally? You need to create a PIF (Product Information File) and include our assessment within this file. You also need to notify this product on the UK Portal and make sure your labelling is correct. For assistance, we provide CLP Services here, and PIF Authoring Services here

Am I the RP (Responsible Person) for this product, or are you? You are the RP for this product so you will need to create the PIF and notify it on the UK Portal.

Do I need to put your name on the label? No, as you are the RP (Responsible Person), you just put your own name on the label.

Do I need to notify the product on the UK Portal, or do you? You do - see above.

For more FAQs, click here

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