water based red colour

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This water-soluble artificial colour is used for Solid Soap, Bath Salts, Bath Melts, Liquid Soap and water-based products like Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bath Foams. 

Because these colours don't sink to the bottom when mixed with liquids, they are the best choice for bath products and liquid products that have a low viscosity. 

This water-based colour is not suitable for use in fizzy bath bombs or balms & creams, because of the water content. Use our Pearlescent Colours instead.

These colours are very concentrated - the more you put in, the stronger the colour!

Mixing two or three primary colours gives you other colours. These liquid colours are not light sensitive and do not discolour your sink or bath. 

Product Information
You need just 2-6 drops per 100g or 100ml
Shelf Life
These Water-Based Colours can easily keep without fading for 7 years in an airtight container; just don’t store them in direct sunlight. They’re best stored in a dry and dark place.
CI No: 16255
CI Name: Food Red 7

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