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Add a touch of glamour to your lip balms with this bold Sienna Red colour...
This natural, safe and non-toxic Sienna Red mica powder produces a warm, reddish brown colour and is ideal for colouring oil-soluble products such as make-up, powders, lipsticks and foundation creams. Not so suitable for water-soluble products such as liquid and solid soaps, as the pigments sink to the bottom. They can also discolour your bath and sink.
Product Information
You can add 1-2ml of this colour powder to 10ml of lip balm. The more you add, the more it will colour your lips!
(In grams, you only need 5-10 grams of colour per 100g of product, but only use 2-4 grams per 100g if you don't want the colour to transfer.)
How to use
To use in solid lotion bars/lip balms, just add the powder straight to the melted mixture and whisk in thoroughly.
For adding to creams, add the colour to some glycerin to form a paste first.
Warm, reddish brown colour (Pigment Red 101 - E172 )
CI No: 77491
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