shrink wrap bands for tubes


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Give your lip balms a professional finish by making them tamper-proof with these clear, plastic shrink wrap bands, which will fit our 0.15oz lip balm tubes.
Please note - These new shrink wrap bands are perforated in two places; one horizontal strip which lines up with the base of the lid, and one vertical which is at right-angle to this strip and finishes at the very top. 
Product Information
 Just slip the wraps over the tubes, making sure the horizontal perforated edge lines up with the base of the lid. Hold in place and seal with a hairdryer (or ideally a heating gun) until all the creases vanish and the top wraps around the lid slightly. There will be a slight flap at the top.
To open the sealed lip balm, you can either twist and pull the lid of the tube until it comes off, and the rest of the shrink wrap band will remain around the tube, protecting the label. OR there is a flap at the top which you can easily pull down to open and remove the shrink wrap band completely.

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