water dispersible shea butter (esters)


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This water-dispersible shea butter allows you to bring the unique qualities of Shea Butter to your finished product. It has all the properties of natural Shea Butter but being esterised, it will disperse in liquid surfactant-based toiletries or soaps without affecting the lather. Perfect for body washes, liquid hand soaps and many more.

Take inspiration from professional hand wash brands by adding this shea butter product to the formula easily, and incorporating it into the scent. For example, you can make a 'Shea Butter & Honey' hand wash, or a 'Shea Butter & Vanilla' hand wash, thus advertising its unique properties within the wash.

Product Information
Glycereth-8 Shea Butter esters

Creating body washes, foam baths or liquid hand soaps

How to Use

Just add straight to your ready-made hand/ body wash gels, bath foams, liquid soaps, shampoos and more. 

Dosage Restrictions
None specified
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