organic rose otto water (standardised)


This soothing, Organic Rose Water smells divine and can help calm down red and inflamed skin.

This standardised version is very fragrant and has a small amount of food-grade, eco-friendly preservatives which help to keep the rose water fresh for 24 months.

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Made from the steam distillation of Bulgarian rose petals, this floral water is the most exquisite of them all.

Rose water makes an excellent Linen spray or can be added to a soothing hot bath.

Rose water helps to retain moisture and is mildly astringent, which helps to even skin tone and improve its appearance. Rose water is particularly useful for mature, dry and sensitive skins.

Our floral waters can be used on their own as natural skin toners, or in creams, lotions and facial masks for extra nourishing skincare and fragrant skin.

 This Rose Water helps to maintain the pH balance of the skin, stimulate skin cell renewal, even out pigmentation & skin texture, reduce the appearance of broken capillaries and has a calming effect on many skin irritations such as sunburn, acne and rosacea.

Product Information


Aqua, Rosa damascena Flower Oil, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate

How to Use

Just dab some Rose Water on a cotton wool pad and apply after cleansing to the face to remove any excess dirt / make-up and to soothe and tone the skin.

It can also be used all over the body after a shower or bath as a moisturiser and mild perfume. The smell is very calming for the senses.

Shelf Life

24 months

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