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Colloidal oatmeal is an all-natural skin soothing solution for eczema, bug bites, sunburns, poison ivy and other itchy and other inflamed skin conditions. When applied topically, colloidal oatmeal works by attracting moisture to the skin and locking it in by forming a protective barrier.
It is a naturally occurring organic powder with cleansing, barrier, moisturising and anti-puritic properties.  Contains a variety of active ingredients including beta-glucans (responsible for water-holding functions), phenols, starch, savenacins, saponins, flavanoids, and also vitamin E.
This micro-fine, ground oatmeal is not rough or abrasive. It soothes stressed, blemished and irritated skin and can also help to relieve dry and itchy skin. Colloidal oatmeal can be added to warm bath water for a home remedy for itchy or dry skin - the oats do not sink due to the colloid action of the particles of grain dispersing through the water.
In lotion it can create a barrier over the skin making it a great additive for those with extra dry skin. In soap it is often used to alleviate itchiness. Colloidal Oatmeal makes a soothing addition to your favourite recipes. This product is excellent in face masks, milk baths, soap, and creams. 
Product Information
Avena Sativa Kernel Flour
Recommended Usage
Usage rate varies depending on the product.
Soaps - up to 5%
Milk baths - up to 50%
Masks - up to 25%
Creams - up to 1%
Extra Information
For external use only
Fine light tan powder
Soluble in water
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