melt and pour soaps cosmetic safety assessment report - 8 variations


These Cosmetic Safety Assessment Reports (CPSRs) have been created specifically for small-scale producers.

PLEASE NOTE: These assessments are for UK Residents only. If you live outside the UK, there is a surcharge - please select above.

The information included below should answer all your questions about the assessment so please read carefully, however if still unsure you can contact us for help (see below).

*Click Here to download a guide to submitting your recipes*
Product Information

With this report, you can use ONE favourite Melt & Pour base (from any UK supplier) with up to 8 different variations - i.e. you can have 8 different scents and/or colours. So the variations have to use the same base but can have different added ingredients such as essential oils, colours, fragrance oils, extra nutrient oils, botanicals, clays etc. (Just colours, essential oils or fragrance if you are using the new Jelly Soap base). This includes essential oil blends, as you can have up to 5 additional ingredients in total for each variation.

The total fee for this package is £149 (ex. VAT) which works out at less than £18.63 per report.
Recipe Submissions

This package entitles you to 8 different variations on your base recipe. If you purchase this package, but do not submit all your 8 variants at once, you can now submit some of your recipes now, and the rest later for free, providing they are all added within 3 months of the completed CPSR, and you don't exceed 2 submissions in total (i.e you submit one recipe bundle to start, then complete the recipes in a later submission). After this 3 month period, each variant will cost £30 + VAT to add.
Extra Variants

You have the option of adding 1 or 2 additional variants (i.e. another scent/colour) to this package for £30 for one, or £50 for two (ex. VAT). It just needs to share the same original base, and be submitted to us along with your other recipes. If you want to add an additional variant after your assessment has been competed, please click here to purchase.
Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT: Please read our specially crafted Terms & Conditions for safety assessment purchases (don’t worry it’s not too long!) But should help customers understand the process a bit better, and what your rights are with regard to refunds, recipe advice and after care. By making an assessment purchase you agree with these terms & conditions.
How Long it Takes

After you have purchased the assessment, we aim to complete your assessment within 3-4 weeks from your recipes being finalised. Meaning, once we have all the correct documents from you and your recipes have been tweaked to satisfaction (if necessary) and are good to go, it's 3-4 weeks from there. OR in some cases where we review your recipes and they are finalised first, and payment comes second, then it's 3-4 weeks from when payment is received, rather than when your recipes are finalised, because we don't begin writing them until full payment is received.
What's Required From You

First of all, we don't need to physically see your product to produce your safety assessment.

Once you have made the purchase, we will need detailed information about your formulations/recipes. (We will double check the recipes for you to see if they are allowable and get back to you).
We need the information as follows:

*Product Name

*Product Description (i.e. Texture, Smell & Colour, e.g. ‘semi solid balm – neutral colour – lavender fragrance’ etc.)

*The percentage breakdown of each ingredient OR each ingredient in grams /ml. (Amount of drops is acceptable for essential oils etc). NO tablespoons / teaspoons allowed.

*Container / Packaging (i.e. amber glass jar with aluminium screw cap)

*For any fragrance oils we need the name of the supplier and the IFRA statement. For colours, we need the CI Numbers and supplier name (this should be written on the label of the colour, or if not just ask your supplier).

Please send your recipes to - - as a Word / Excel document attachment, quoting your order number, and include your name & address in the attachment.



Do I need to send in my products to you? No, we just need to see your recipes. Please see below to download a recipe submission guide.

I don't have 8 different variations, I only have one. Sounds like you'd be better off with an individual assessment. These are quoted for on an individual basis and can only be quoted for one we see your full recipes complete with % of each ingredient. Please email your recipe to

What is an IFRA Statement?  Fragrances are often very complicated chemical mixtures and the exact formulation is usually strictly confidential. To enable fragrance manufacturers to keep their formulations secret, but still provide information about the safety of the ingredients, IFRA certificates are used. IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certificates provide information on the safety of a fragrance and the limits at which it can be used in different cosmetic products. There are 11 IFRA product categories relating to how and where the product is used - if it is leave-on, or rinse-off etc.

When you use a fragrance (not Essential oils - these are not synthetic and we already hold safety data for these) your supplier will provide you with an IFRA certificate - you simply send us a copy of this with your formulations.

Do you do a package for creams? Or any other product not mentioned on your website? Yes we can assess pretty much anything apart from Tattoo balms, or any products which look like food such as donut soaps, cupcake bath bombs etc. Also we can't assess anything too 'medicinal' such as muscle balm, eczema balm etc. You can make a general body balm in this instance but not one specifically designed to 'cure' any ailment.

Will I get help with the other legalities of selling cosmetic products, i.e. my PIF, the CPNP (portal), labelling guidance? Yes, once you have purchased an assessment you can request info sheets from us which we can send you for free. However, we cannot offer any more guidance thereafter, and it is your responsibility to make sure you are fully compliant (as per the help sheets), not ours.

 If I purchase the assessment then change my mind, am I entitled to a refund? In most cases if we have not begun to work with you on your recipes and you have bought the assessment within 30 days, we can offer you a refund. We can also offer you a refund if your recipes are not suitable to use and you are unable to come up with an alternative recipe. Please see our T&C for more information. 

I want to know how much of an ingredient is permitted / what I can and can't use in my recipes before I buy. Please click here to download a permitted ingredients list for soaps. If in any doubt we can always check your recipes with our assessor before you buy, but buying the assessment does not mean you can't change your recipes afterwards (see below). Plus, buying first ensures your assessment is dealt with much more quickly as it can go straight in the queue after the checking process is completed.

Will I fail the assessment? We check over all recipes with our assessor Scott Grainger first, and if there are any problems, we simply advise you of the changes that should be made so you can re-submit. This part of the process is entirely free.

How long will the assessment take? See above in the description.

Will I need any additional testing for my products, such as challenge testing / stability testing? For most single phase products, i.e. balms, oils, scrubs etc. you won't need to get any additional testing done as stability is assumed for these products. The only products which need challenge testing are emulsions such creams, or any product which combines oil and water, as the efficacy of the preservative needs to be tested. However our assessor will advise on if this is needed once he sees your recipes.

*Click Here to download a guide to submitting your recipes*
ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS? If so feel free to email us on

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