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These Cosmetic Safety Assessment Reports (CPSRs) have been created specifically for small-scale producers.

PLEASE NOTE: These assessments are for UK Residents only. If you live outside the UK, there is a surcharge - please select above.

The information included below should answer all your questions about the assessment so please read carefully, however if still unsure you can contact us for help (see below).

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to download our submission form to submit your recipes to us - you can do so on our CPSR Forms page here
Product Information

With this report, you can use ONE favourite Melt & Pour base (from any UK supplier) with up to 8, 16, 24 or 32 different variations - i.e. you can have different scents and/or colours. Just select from the drop-down menu above.*

PLEASE NOTE: This assessment includes Stephenson's Foaming Bath Butter.

*The price shown is subject to your recipes being approved by our safety assessor. In some cases, there may be an admin fee charged, but we will advise you of this asap and you have the right to cancel thereafter. For more information, please see our T&C (below). 

The variations have to use the same base but can have different added ingredients such as essential oils, colours, fragrance oils, extra nutrient oils, botanicals, clays etc. (Just colours, essential oils or fragrance if you are using the new Jelly Soap base). This includes essential oil blends, as you can have up to 5 additional ingredients in total for each variation.

NEW! If you would like to include either a sponge, loofah or rope soap in your report, you now can! Just email Hayley at for a quote.

What's Required From You

First of all, we don't need to physically see your product to produce your safety assessment.
PLEASE NOTE: You will need to download our submission form to submit your recipes to us - you can do so on our CPSR Forms page here

Recipe Submissions

This package entitles you to 8, 16, 24 or 32 different variations on your base recipe. If you purchase this package, but do not submit all your variants at once, you can still buy the package, then for a small admin fee (£25 + VAT), this allows you to add all of your extra variations (at once) at a later date (within 6 months). Adding them separately will incur multiple admin fees. After this 6 month period, each variant will cost £30 + VAT to add, regardless of if they're added together or not.
Extra Variants

You have the option of adding 1 or 2 additional variants (i.e. another scent/colour) to this package for £30 for one, or £50 for two (ex. VAT). It just needs to share the same original base, and be submitted to us along with your other recipes. If you want to add an additional variant after your assessment has been competed, please click here to purchase.
Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT: Please read our specially crafted Terms & Conditions for safety assessment purchases (don’t worry it’s not too long!) But should help customers understand the process a bit better, and what your rights are with regard to refunds, recipe advice and after care. By making an assessment purchase you agree with these terms & conditions.
How Long it Takes

After you have purchased the assessment, we aim to complete your assessment within 3-4 weeks from your recipes being finalised. Meaning, once we have all the correct documents from you and your recipes have been tweaked to satisfaction (if necessary) and are good to go, it's 3-4 weeks from there. OR in some cases where we review your recipes and they are finalised first, and payment comes second, then it's 3-4 weeks from when payment is received, rather than when your recipes are finalised, because we don't begin writing them until full payment is received.


For more information please check out our Frequently Asked Questions 


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