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Star Flake® Dendritic Salt is a high purity, fine food grade salt formed in porous, star-shaped modified cubes. Its unique and diverse physical properties result in low bulk density, a rapid dissolving rate, exceptional flow characteristics, strong blendability, unmatched liquid adsorption and a quick, salty sensation.

Dendritic Salt has a greater surface area than other salts which means the fragrance (or essential oil) and colour absorbs better.

Product Information

It helps to add Dendritic Salt to Sea Salt formulations for the non-clumping and high absorption capabilities. An ideal minimum would be 1 part Dendritic Salt to 10 parts Sea Salt (coarse or extra coarse if you wish), but you can use 100% Dendritic salt in your recipes if you prefer.

Perfect for bath salts, salt scrubs etc. It can also be added to facial clay for a mineral treatment.

Just add fragrance for bath salts, and oils too for a salt scrub.

INCI: Yellow Prussiate of Soda (sodium ferrocyanide)

Technical Documents

Dendritic Salt MSDS

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