body scrubs cosmetic safety assessment report - 6 variations


These Cosmetic Safety Assessment Reports (CPSRs) have been created specifically for small-scale producers.

PLEASE NOTE: These assessments are for UK Residents only. If you live outside the UK, there is a surcharge - please select above.

Product Information

The information included below should answer all your questions about the assessment so please read carefully, however if still unsure you can contact us for help (see below).

This assessment will certify your range of body scrubs, which share the same base recipeThe base recipe needs to form the main part of your product.

With this report, you can certify one single base recipe which can contain up to 10 ingredients - and you can have up to 6 variations of your base recipe (different flavours/colours etc.), which can include up to 5 extra ingredients each.

If you wish to make more than one type of product, you will need to purchase more than one assessment.

If you don't currently have 6 different variations, you can use this package to certify what you already make, and then add to your reports at a later date as your business grows for a very small additional admin fee - no need to go to the expense of buying a completely new report.

NEW - You now have the option of adding an additional variant to your package for £30 + VAT. It just needs to share the same original base. If you need more, contact us for a quote.

The total fee for this package is £149.00 (ex. VAT) which works out at less than £25 + VAT per report.
How Long it Takes

After you have purchased the assessment, we aim to complete your assessment within 2-3 weeks from your recipes being finalised. Meaning, once we have all the correct documents from you and your recipes have been tweaked to satisfaction (if necessary) and are good to go, it's 2-3 weeks from there. OR in some cases where we review your recipes and they are finalised first, and payment comes second, then it's 2-3 weeks from when payment is received, rather than when your recipes are finalised, because we don't begin writing them until full payment is received.

What's Required From You

First of all, we don't need to physically see your product to produce your safety assessment.

Once you have made the purchase, we will need detailed information about your formulations/recipes. (We will double check the recipes for you to see if they are allowable and get back to you).
We need the information as follows:

*Product Name

*Product Description (i.e. Texture, Smell & Colour, e.g. ‘semi solid balm – neutral colour – lavender fragrance’ etc.)

*The percentage breakdown of each ingredient OR each ingredient in grams /ml. (Amount of drops is acceptable for essential oils etc). NO tablespoons / teaspoons allowed.

*Container / Packaging (i.e. amber glass jar with aluminium screw cap)

*For any fragrance oils we need the name of the supplier and the IFRA. For colours, we need the CI Numbers and supplier name.

Please send your recipes to - - as a Word / Excel document attachment, quoting your order number, and include your name & address in the attachment.

 Click Here for more information about submitting your recipes.
ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS? If so feel free to email Hayley on

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