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Excluding VAT

This is our standard non-refundable admin fee deposit, payable up front, per assessment, to engage in any of our assessment services.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to time constraints, we have temporarily suspended the discount offer for 24 & 32 Variant reports. However you can still purchase 2 x 16 variant assessments, or 1 x 8 and 1 x 16 variant assessment.

Once this deposit fee is paid, you need to send us your full recipes. Once you send them to us, we check them for safety, suggest any changes you need to make, and make sure you have the correct documentation before sending you your full invoice. (See below for timescales).

This fee acts as a deposit on your assessment, so will be deducted from the cost of your assessment quote. You don't have to go ahead with the quote, but this initial fee is non-refundable.

How Long Do Assessments Take / When Will I Receive My Quote?
This question is completely dependent on how ready your recipes are to sell safely to the public; whether they need minor or major tweaking, and how long it takes for us to receive ALL the correct documents we need from you. Perfect submissions, which have no errors, and have sent in all the correct documents straight away, will take a lot less time than ones with multiple errors. We only send your quote after full safety checks have been completed. See below for timelines.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently we are incredibly busy; we have received an unprecedented amount of submisisons since before Christmas, and have been through some staff changes, so please bear with us as we get through this temporary backlog. It is worth noting that every email we get chasing a submission which needs to be answered, this means less time we have for processing submissions. So to counteract this, please see below for a breakdown of the current timelines for checking. Please don't email us before these timelines have passed, as it will only delay things further.

Step One (Immediate): Preliminary checks - On receiving your submission, we will confirm that we can read/open the form and let you know any obvious errors. Once we hear back from you (if appropriate), we shall place your submisison into step two.

Step Two (3-5 weeks): Checking for other errors, missing info & docs - This is the longest part of the process currently, and can take up to 5 weeks to hear back, please do not contact us to chase before then.

Step Three (1-2 weeks): Checking over with our Safety Assessor - This can take another 1-2 weeks. If your recipes are OK, you will receive your quote after this time. If not, we'll email you regarding the changes you need to make. Then once we hear back from you, you should hear back within another week.

Step Four (3-4 weeks): Finished report. This will be at least 3-4 weeks after you have paid your quote.

As you can see, generally speaking, assessments can take 7 and 11 weeks to complete, but this is excluding the time it may take for you to tweak your recipes as required and to send us all the correct docs. We appreciate your patience at this busy time, and are working with new staff to improve lead times.

Can I get an Idea of Cost?
Please click here - and scroll down to 'Typical Pricing'.

How do I Submit my Recipes?
We recommend you download and read through our Example Form first. Then you will need to download and fill out a CPSR Form, which can be found here. Make sure you send us all the correct documents too. There is a lot of info on the forms which should answer any questions you have, but do check out our 'Do's and Don'ts of Submitting for Assessment' article too. The email address to send your information to is Once we have checked your recipes, you have sent us all the correct documents and you have made any necessary changes, we will invoice you for payment.

What Do / Don't You Assess?
We assess most cosmetic products you can think of, but we don't assess any products designed to 'heal' skin or be put on skin after surgery / tattoos. Although you can make a tattoo balm, it can only be used after the tattoo has completely healed. We also don't assess toothpastes, hair removal / hair growth products, whitening products, hair dyes, or any products we deem to be too 'medicinal' in nature; they must have a cosmetic function only, and no claims can be made as to healing any skin condition etc.

For a list of typical products we do assess, please see this link - 

Unsure on Essential Oil / Fragrance Oil Limits?
Click Here for a rough guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: We CANNOT accept submission forms in PDF Format. Word.doc only please.

We have also taken the decision to refuse the following suppliers for Micas - we haven’t seen any documents of sufficient accuracy: -
Mopa Crafts
However, if they are able to provide you with the correct information then we would be happy to look at their products.

Please click here to see all Safety Assessment FAQ.

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