2024 formula botanica masterclass kit - sea buckthorn face cream (standard size)


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We are excited to announce that Formula Botanica are launching a free masterclass! Starting on the 25th of April 2024, you will be able to follow free lessons that will teach you how to make an amazing Sea Buckthorn Face Cream from scratch.

We are collaborating with them to provide Masterclass Kits, which contain all the necessary ingredients for the Masterclass, at competitive prices which offer great value.

When does the free Masterclass begin?

Pre-registration begins on the 4th of April, with the first lessons being released on the 25th of April 2024.

Don’t miss out, register here for the Free Masterclass!

What is included in our Masterclass kits?

This Masterclass kit includes all the ingredients you would need to create 300g of Sea Buckthorn Face Cream.

If you purchased each item individually it would be £47.22 incl. VAT, but this kit costs just £26.40 incl. VAT, saving you over £20 and providing you with everything you need to participate in the upcoming Masterclass Series.

The Standard Kit includes the following ingredients:

250ml Organic Orange Flower Hydrolat (Hydrolat)    
50ml Sweet Almond Oil
25g Vegetal
5ml Sea Buckthorn CO2 Extract (Organic)
10g Papaya Glycerine Extract
5ml Sweet Orange Essential Oil
5g Preservative Eco

Extra Packaging - There is also the option of adding packaging for your finished products; you can select either 6 of our 50ml Aluminium Screw Lid Tins, or 6 of our wonderful new 50ml Frosted Glass Jars!
Just select your choice from the drop-down menu above.

Who is Formula Botanica?

Formula Botanica is the accredited, gold award-winning online organic cosmetic science school. They teach online courses for organic cosmetic formulators in over 183 countries and counting. Their graduates start their successful organic cosmetics brands anywhere in the world and they are taking the global beauty industry by storm!

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