shrink wrap bands for pots

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Give your pots of lip balm a professional finish and make them tamper-proof with these clear, plastic shrink wrap bands.

They open at the side so have a horizontal design, unlike our shrink wrap bands for tubes, which have a vertical design and open at the top and bottom.
They provide a great security, not only for being tamper proof, but for ensuring your pots won't lose their lids during transport.

Just slip the shrink wrap band around the pot and use a hair dryer or, ideally, a heating gun, to seal.
Product Information
They measure 6cm x 2.5cm and will fit around all our lip balm pots & tins except for our 10ml Cosmetic Jars with Shive & Lid.
(Please note they are too small for the 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml & 200ml tins).

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