printed labels for lip balm tubes (65mm x 45mm)

We now offer a printing service for our lip balm tube labels (65mm x 45mm) which suit our Lip Balm Tubes.

The labels are made of high gloss paper, are white in colour and measure 65mm (W) x 45mm (H)..
We offer small and large amounts alike, so whether you are a small or large company, we can accommodate. Say goodbye to expensive label printing with a high minimum order!

Perfect if you are buying our unlabelled wholesale lip balms, or equally if you are making them yourself but need the labels printed.

PLEASE NOTE: These labels are designed to be used horizontally on the tubes, so please make your design horizontal. Also, these labels overlap horizontally, so please make your design area 45mm (W) x 50mm (H).

If you have more than one design you can pay a Design Surcharge Fee of £5 +VAT per extra design, this means you can still benefit from the larger price breaks!

Alternatively, for a one-off fee of £25 + VAT, you can use our pre-made design below, and we shall add your logo for you. You can choose up to 6 flavours for us to create and add your logo to. If you would like more than 6 flavours, there will be a £5 + VAT charge per label.

What To Do
Simply email your completed label design, (ideally as a high res jpg, but Photoshop or PDF files will do) to

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