starter eyeshadow, blusher & highlighter cosmetic safety report


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We have created this unique, super versatile assessment for those who want to sell natural eyeshadows, blushers and highlighters using our Pearlescent Mica Colours.

With this report, you can only use our Pearlescent Mica Colours (purchased from us) to sell as eyeshadows, blushers and highlighters too (see below).

The best part about this assessment? You can mix the colours together, in any way you wish!

There is no recipe to follow, you can mix them however you like, and no need to mix them with an eyeshadow / blusher base as they can be used on their own.

The colours allowed include a range of palettes, from green and blues, pinks and corals, ambers, purples etc - as well as a range of 'nude' colours, to tone down the brighter colours, as well as be used on their own.

This assessment includes the use of the following:

Colours Included:

Crème de la Crème (Ivory)
Nearly Nude (Light Brown)
Bewitched (Dark Grey)
Velvet Taupe (Taupe)
Aquarius (Blue / Green)
Nebula (Dark Blue/Gold)
Bejewelled (Green/Gold)
Gold (Yellowy Gold)
Tanzanite Gem (Bright Blue/Purple)
Sweet Baby Blue (Light Baby Blue)
Pandora (Dark Lilac)
Antelope Pink (Subtle Lilac)
Sugar Plum (Dark Purple/Plum)
Silken Deep Rose (Deep Pink)
Sunkissed Shimmer (Coppery Bronze)
Passionata (Amber/Red/Orange)
Hot Chocolate (Dark Brown)
Cute Coral (Coral)
Golden Baby Blush (Rose Gold)
Aphrodite (White/Pink)
Interference Gold (White/Gold)
Product Information

You can sell an unlimited amount of eyeshadows, blushers and highlighters using this assessment, there is no recipe to follow, you'll just be using the colours on their own, and you can mix them in any way you wish.

*Assessment Turnaround Time is 2-3 weeks from cleared payment*

What's Required From You

First of all, we don't need to physically see your products to produce your safety assessment. As this assessment is pre-written, no product details will be required from you - we just need your name and address to put on the certificate. This assessment cannot be changed in any way.

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