blueberry scrub exfoliant (fine)


This exfoliant is made from the residue / pulp of blueberries after they have been pressed to obtain the oil.

This exclusive, fruity scrub is simply made from the dried pulp of the fruit. A gorgeously natural way to exfoliate your skin, plus benefit from the blueberries' abundant antioxidant properties to promote clear, radiant skin.

This scrub is 100% biodegradable so is great for the environment too.

The blueberries are immediately pressed after harvest to assure maximum quality. The blueberry pomace is instantly stored under cryogenic conditions, avoiding any loss of the precious fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients such anthocyanides. The pomace is then cold pressed to produce the oil, and the residue from this is further purified to produce a fruity cosmetic scrub.

Blueberries are extremely rich in anthocyanides which have many beneficial protective properties. They help to fight free radicals, provide skin protection and improve moisturisation.

A beautifully natural & gentle fruity scrub which would make a quirky yet beneficial addition to lip, face and body scrubs.

Product Information

Particle Size:

Suitable For
Face & Body use

Purple-red powder

How to Use
Add to creams, gels, face/body wash etc., at a rate of 5-10%

Shelf Life
2 Years

Vaccinium Corymbosum Seed

Technical Information

Blueberry Scrub MSDS

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